At Bright Rubber, from our efficiently managed manufacturing plants, our company supplies a wide range of rubber and polymer based products to our diverse clients. Our products are used in variety of applications within the different manufacturing industries worldwide. We work closely with industrial designers and engineers to ensure that various needs of our clients are satisfied, which enables us to provide high quality products and best solutions to them.

We were equipped with advanced laboratory to inspect the material’s physical property and chemical property. We also use statistics methods to control the production process to study the stability of the process and facilities.

At Bright Rubber, Our people are working with their utmost skills and experiences to produce the quality products for our customers, we are put the great effort to ensure that our products will meet customer's specification and their quality expectations.

Our Mission:  

To consistently meet head on the ever-evolving development needs of our clients and their challenges to lower costs with consistency in quality and performance.

Bright Rubber is committed to producing a quality product that meets or exceeds our customer needs by fostering an atmosphere where all employees work for continuous improvement.